Paint, Sculpt and Shoot Show

17 09 2011

I currently have two pieces showing in the Paint, Sculpt and Shoot show at the Center for Arts Evergreen ( through October 13. Stop by and have a gander.


Art on Sale!

11 09 2011

I’ve up a number of my art pieces on sale at 50% off the gallery prices.   Prices are without shipping, but I’m also willing to split shipping prices 50%.  Please check them out at


Tea House #3

Body Painting – Artist Carnival

6 08 2011

I haven’t posted for a while but I thought I would at least brag about a recent success.   About two weeks ago I attended an artist festival for body painting at Club 220 in Denver as a photographer.   Body painting is an interesting art form in that it pulls together at least three separate artist, the model, the body painter and the photographer.   The results though can be fascinating.   For example, the below image was my favorite piece, and in it I combined both my photography and a virtual photo I’ve had lying around my hard drive for a couple of years just waiting for a good use…

The event had a competition in which people on the internet voted for their favorite.    The following image won 3rd place…

And now for the brag, this final image won 1st Place!!!!!!!!!!!

New Show

22 06 2011

The Center for the Arts Evergreen has a new photography show June 24 – July 21.   I’m honored to have one piece in the show, Angry Skies #1. Stop by and see the show or even say hello at the opening reception June 24.   See


New Gallery

30 11 2010

I’ve opened in a new gallery as of today.  It’s the Grace Gallery at the SW corner of Santa Fe and 9th in the middle of the Santa Fe Art district.   Be sure to stop by sometime and give it a gander.

The Body as Canvas

26 11 2010

I attended a great art event last week in which models, body painters, photographers, and myself worked together to create body art.   It was a great stretch for myself and I thought I’d share a few of my pieces…




Learning from others

18 11 2010

The other night I attended an excellent presentation at the Evergreen Artist Association given by Peggy Morgan Stenmark where she demonstrated her ink reduction techniques.   Now, I’m a digital artist so one might ask, to what value was the demonstration?   I actually found it to be of great value as I’m going to show below.

Some of my art has a distinctly watercolor look.   Now I do some edging in my pieces, I normally keep that edging subtle.   For example, below is a piece I did a couple of weeks ago.

Now Peggy’s reduction techniques hugely stress black ink edgings.  I was afraid to go in that direction but after I saw her work and technique I decided to apply something similar to my digital work.    The result is below, and I think it is a better piece.

Qi V2

My point here is that one does not have to be working in the same media as a presenter  to learn from them.


Final Piece for One A Day Project

26 10 2010

Well, here is my final piece for my one a day project.  I head back to Denver tomorrow..

A funny old bird is the pelican.
Its beak can hold more than its belly can.
It can hold in its beak
Enough food for a week.
I’m darned if I know how the hell he can.

Day 7, Back to Sunsets

25 10 2010

For today’s piece I decided to go back to sunsets again.   Here I’m more interested in the golds than my typical reds.

Day 6, a different approach

24 10 2010

On day 4, I had a piece I created from a photo down on the beach.   For today’s piece, I used another photo I took a few seconds before.   But how I approached turning it into art was quite different.