What is medium?

28 09 2009
Cherry Blossom #2

Cherry Blossom #2

This post is tied to one of mine a couple of days ago.   When I took in my art to the LAC show Saturday, I discovered that they had changed the media of my art from ‘Giclée on Canvas’ to ‘Digital’.   Is ‘digital’ a medium?   The dictionary defines medium as “the means of communication”, but another definition defines it as “the material or technique with which an artist works”.

Digital certainly is not the means of communication.   My label of ‘Giclée on Canvas’ describes that.   The final work is physical, not digital.   However, some of my techniques I used in creating the art definitely were digital techniques.    So if technique is the defining term of medium, then perhaps my works are digital.

But digital is such a broad term.   It pretty much defines all communications in the world today (including this blog), and much of it’s art, especially when one considers most film, photography, video, music and printing are digital.   So is it appropriate to label the media of some art works using digital techniques as ‘digital’?






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