Explaining New Media

2 10 2009
Tea House #3

Tea House #3

Last night was the reception for an art show I was in.   As would be expected, people, including other artist, wanted to know how I create my art.   And I ran into a solid wall in how to explain what I was doing.   For most of them, the word ‘digital’ was some type of magic that they did not understand.   None really understood the concept of 3D virtual worlds, 3D modeling, graphical effects or many of the other tools and methods I use.

For example, with Tea House #3, everyone thought I had used a live model for my protagonist in the art.   They couldn’t understand that my model was virtual.  I guess that’s a compliment, but the failure to communicate was frustrating.

Now I’m still getting a feel for the art scene,  but I’m wondering if there is a large generational divide here.  Larger than in the mainstream culture.   Is anyone else running into this?  What are your observations?




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