Learning from others

18 11 2010

The other night I attended an excellent presentation at the Evergreen Artist Association given by Peggy Morgan Stenmark where she demonstrated her ink reduction techniques.   Now, I’m a digital artist so one might ask, to what value was the demonstration?   I actually found it to be of great value as I’m going to show below.

Some of my art has a distinctly watercolor look.   Now I do some edging in my pieces, I normally keep that edging subtle.   For example, below is a piece I did a couple of weeks ago.

Now Peggy’s reduction techniques hugely stress black ink edgings.  I was afraid to go in that direction but after I saw her work and technique I decided to apply something similar to my digital work.    The result is below, and I think it is a better piece.

Qi V2

My point here is that one does not have to be working in the same media as a presenter  to learn from them.





One response

5 11 2011

The lady in the Japanese bath is lovley. I had a trip to Japan and made a point of staying of old, treditional Japanese hotels with a bath. Many people from the community came to the bath in the hotels. Each one was beatuifuly tiled and appointed.

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