About Marla’s Art

Cherry Blossom #2

Cherry Blossom #2

Marla’s describes her work as being virtual canvases.  Her unique techniques draw a great deal from photography in that  her source material is original photography taken  either in the real world, or more often in virtual worlds.  Using a virtual world allows Marla a great deal of control over the scene, lighting, models and props.  The scenes she chooses are designed to touch on the specific aesthetic she is looking for, bringing our her ideas in creating story and myth through image and audience.   These original photographs are then the foundation from which she builds her final artistic works.   Dozens if not hundreds of photos are taken to capture the specific scene she is looking for.

Once a photo is taken, each detail of the photo is then painstakingly reworked in various photo and art software to bring out the exact traits Marla is looking for.  The final art is a museum quality Giclée print on cotton-polyester artist canvas with archival quality pigment inks.  A UV clear coat is applied to protect the print and is hand stretched on durable wood stretcher bars.


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4 01 2010
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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

14 04 2011

I was interested in a previous post of yours where you say that you are going to lose the title Digital Artist, it resonated with me.
I sense that there are a number of very narrow minded people out there who can only view art if it has paint on a canvas?
Today I had a reply from a Gallery owner who stated that she would ‘no way’ take art that was just a print. How I wonder would she have behaved if I told her that I have an original Andy Warhol print and would she like it to exhibit in her gallery?

Anyway, love your work..


Conal Flaherty

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