About Marla


With Marla Louise, both in her person and her art, one will find an interesting mixture of yin and yang. Her artistic origins are strongly influenced by storytelling and myth, drawing from over 20 creative years as a professional video entertainment designer. The yin and yang is apparent in the fact that ‘Marla’ is just the feminine half of a dual gendered or transgendered individual. As such, she draws strongly from this rich mixture of masculine and feminine life experience for her art, insight and aesthetic. In a like manner Marla’s numerous careers have varied from the highly technical of being a flight designer on the Space Shuttle, to creative of being a published author, belly dancer and award winning video game designer.

Marla comes from a storytelling field of entertainment, so much of her work strives to create story as a partnership between the artist and the audience. Marla’s art also strongly reflects the mixture of yin and yang found in her person. She draws strongly on an aesthetic and beauty drawing from her dual genderism. In addition, she is strongly influenced by eastern art and culture, but balances it with strong western influences. Even in creating her art, she uses modern virtual worlds as a foundation source to be expressed on traditional canvas.


One response

1 02 2010
Chris Frazier

I find your work powerful with its rich color Ido see the softness and the masculent side it creates a blend that is fresh and balanced and still different I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing.

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