Paint, Sculpt and Shoot Show

17 09 2011

I currently have two pieces showing in the Paint, Sculpt and Shoot show at the Center for Arts Evergreen ( through October 13. Stop by and have a gander.



Art on Sale!

11 09 2011

I’ve up a number of my art pieces on sale at 50% off the gallery prices.   Prices are without shipping, but I’m also willing to split shipping prices 50%.  Please check them out at


Tea House #3

New Piece

6 09 2010

Well, I have a new piece I like.   It’s called Angry Skies.  I’m thinking I need to do a couple of these.

A Good Art Day

1 10 2009

Until yesterday, I hadn’t created a new piece of art work for about 3 weeks.   Now some of the reason was tied to other work in my life and some of the reason was tied to things like setting up this blog or preparing for the two art shows I was putting art work in; but a lot of it was I didn’t have a creative push.

Well that push came to me yesterday, and I created two new pieces.    The first was Check, which you can see in my last post and also on my artworks page.   The idea for the piece was actually a result of me thinking about the blog post I was writing, and wanting something visual to express the ideas of the post.   Later in the day, I saw a gorgeous Chinese painting that gave me the inspiration for my second art piece of the day, Oriental Nude.

So it was a good art day.


Oriental Nude

Oriental Nude

Learning a vocabulary

24 09 2009

It’s fairly obvious that any industry, including fine arts would have its own vocabulary. And part of learning the fine arts world, should be learning the new vocabulary. However, I ran into an interesting confusion the other day. I received a call from a representative of an art show I had applied to enter. The caller had a problem with how I used the word ‘print’ in describing the media of my art (I used the word Giclée print on canvas as a description of my media). She said I could not enter the pieces because the show prohibited “prints from originals” and to her mind, a print was a reproduction. To my mind, ‘print’ said nothing about being a reproduction, but instead just a description of the final media.

So have I run into just a specific instance of miscommunication, or did I run into a larger issue of new vocabulary? If the latter, then I need to find a new description for media. I am hesitant to call it digital because the art is not done in my mind till it has specifically been fixed into a final media. Digital does not describe the final media.

Marla Louise