Final Piece for One A Day Project

26 10 2010

Well, here is my final piece for my one a day project.  I head back to Denver tomorrow..

A funny old bird is the pelican.
Its beak can hold more than its belly can.
It can hold in its beak
Enough food for a week.
I’m darned if I know how the hell he can.


Day 7, Back to Sunsets

25 10 2010

For today’s piece I decided to go back to sunsets again.   Here I’m more interested in the golds than my typical reds.

Day 6, a different approach

24 10 2010

On day 4, I had a piece I created from a photo down on the beach.   For today’s piece, I used another photo I took a few seconds before.   But how I approached turning it into art was quite different.

Another day, another art

23 10 2010

Ok, this project has really been pushing me, especially with all the other work I have to be doing down in Florida.   But I do have another piece for today, so we are now five for five.

The title for this piece is “Mermaid”.

One A Day Project

22 10 2010

I’m currently in Florida, and I decided to stretch my art by creating one new piece a day while I’m down here.   This post is a little late in that I’m in my fourth day of the project, yet I still wanted to share my progress on a daily basis.

Perhaps these are not by best works, but so far I like something in each piece.   And I like pushing myself this way.   So with no further ado here are my pieces from the first four days…

Day 1 – Bridge Over Quiet Water

Day 2 – Dying Sun

Day 3 – Proud Mommy

Day 4 – Feathered Dinner

Points of View Show

16 10 2010

The EAA is having an art show from Oct 22 to Nov 11 at the Center for Art’s Evergreen.   I designed the postcard for the show, and I think it came out pretty well so I would like to share it…


Art at Evergreen Oktoberfest

16 09 2010

The Evergreen Art Association ( will be sponsoring an art exhibit at the Evergreen Oktoberfest (  this coming Sunday, Sept 19 from 12-6.   I’ll have a number of pieces there.   Come by and have a beer and buy something.