New Gallery

30 11 2010

I’ve opened in a new gallery as of today.  It’s the Grace Gallery at the SW corner of Santa Fe and 9th in the middle of the Santa Fe Art district.   Be sure to stop by sometime and give it a gander.


Art for the Market

20 06 2010

I took a new piece to the gallery Friday, my railroad piece “Wood and Steel”. It then sold within two hours and it got me thinking. The gallery is in a tourist town with a steam railroad (Georgetown Loop Railroad). So do I have the wrong art for that gallery? Perhaps I need to have art for the tourist, i.e. railroad art. So I spent this weekend creating four new pieces.

Clear Creek Crossing

Old No. 478

Shay #1

Silverton Steam

New Web Site for Colorado Mountain Art Gallery

15 06 2010

For the crime of being an artistic computer geek, I was shanghaied into creating the web site for the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery.   It still needs some polish but you can find it at

Colorado Mountain Art Gallery Grand Opening

5 06 2010

The grand opening for the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery will be June 26 and 27.   I invite everyone to come up and check it out.   I’m going to try to be there both days.

Also, I’ve been shanghaied into creating the web site for the gallery.   It’s still in draft form but if you would like to check it out and send me your thoughts, I would be glad to hear them.   The temporary location for the web site is