The Body as Canvas

26 11 2010

I attended a great art event last week in which models, body painters, photographers, and myself worked together to create body art.   It was a great stretch for myself and I thought I’d share a few of my pieces…





One A Day Project

22 10 2010

I’m currently in Florida, and I decided to stretch my art by creating one new piece a day while I’m down here.   This post is a little late in that I’m in my fourth day of the project, yet I still wanted to share my progress on a daily basis.

Perhaps these are not by best works, but so far I like something in each piece.   And I like pushing myself this way.   So with no further ado here are my pieces from the first four days…

Day 1 – Bridge Over Quiet Water

Day 2 – Dying Sun

Day 3 – Proud Mommy

Day 4 – Feathered Dinner

Guess my Source

4 11 2009

OK, I got silly but here is a new piece I created tonight.   Guess my source.

Cat Asleep on Scanner

A Good Art Day

1 10 2009

Until yesterday, I hadn’t created a new piece of art work for about 3 weeks.   Now some of the reason was tied to other work in my life and some of the reason was tied to things like setting up this blog or preparing for the two art shows I was putting art work in; but a lot of it was I didn’t have a creative push.

Well that push came to me yesterday, and I created two new pieces.    The first was Check, which you can see in my last post and also on my artworks page.   The idea for the piece was actually a result of me thinking about the blog post I was writing, and wanting something visual to express the ideas of the post.   Later in the day, I saw a gorgeous Chinese painting that gave me the inspiration for my second art piece of the day, Oriental Nude.

So it was a good art day.


Oriental Nude

Oriental Nude