New Gallery

30 11 2010

I’ve opened in a new gallery as of today.  It’s the Grace Gallery at the SW corner of Santa Fe and 9th in the middle of the Santa Fe Art district.   Be sure to stop by sometime and give it a gander.


Giclée Printing and Printers

4 10 2009

Tea House #3 coming out of printer

Giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY) printing is basically a fancy form of ink jet prints. But what a fantastic form, with Giclée one can create fantastic archival original prints or fantastic reproductions that pretty much blow away any printing methodology before. Given a high quality pigment ink and high quality canvas or paper, the result will be a museum quality piece.

Prices and quality vary a great deal. For a 24×36″ canvas framed on 3/4″ stretcher bars, you may be talking anywhere from $60 to over $250. Depending on where you are in the art pecking order, that is either cheap or a huge cut of your margins when you sell a piece.

So far, I have had experience with three different printers, and would like to pass on my experience. All of these printers support internet and mail order.

Winkflash (

24x36x.75 framed with shipping – About $62 including shipping when a sale comes around, otherwise about $98.

This is a huge company that seems geared to turning the crank. There is no information on the quality of inks or canvas, but I have found them to be poor. In addition, I have had problems with any large prints including warped frames, poor stretching, flaking paint, and creases in the canvas. Seems to take about 3 weeks. Poor customer service (never responded to my problem emails, canceled a 6 piece order 3 weeks after it had been made because one image was of a nude). Although they are the cheapest when on sale, I do not recommend them.

Canvasprinters (

24x36x.75 framed with shipping – About $110 including archival inks.

Seems to be a small operation. I managed to hit them for a print the very week they were moving, so there were some delays although I got my print in two weeks. The quality of the print seemed good, but the shipping seemed a little shoddy (the print was wrapped in an old pillow case). Personal customer support. I did send in another order today to see how they would do after their move. I tentatively recommend them.

GRI Studios (

24x36x.75 framed with shipping – About $140 with archival inks and UV spray.

For me, they are a great printer, since they are only a 20 minute drive from my home. They sell themselves as craftsmen, and even sign their work. This might even translate into an ability to sell your art for a little more money. I had problems with my first printing from them (too dark) and they worked with me to resolve the issues creating a new print for me (no charge). I fully recommend them.


Views of the East & West Art Show

26 09 2009
Lines of Dance

Lines of Dance

I have four pieces of my artwork in the “Views of the East and West” art show at the Lakewood Art Council’s Art Center and Gallery from September 28 through October 30.   There is a public reception on Thursday October 1 from 6:00 to 7:30.  The gallery is at 85 S Union Blvd in Lakewood Colorado behind the Wendy’s next to Kobe An.  If you have a chance, do take a look at the show.

The LAC website is


Welcome and Getting Started

22 09 2009

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  My name is Marla, and I am a transgendered artist.   Although I have been in the entertainment arts for over 20 years, I’ve recently decided to take some of my private art into the public and commercial world of fine art.   This is something new for me (I like new projects) and I have hopes but also fears as to whether my art can be successful.   I like my work, and my friends like my work, but that has only limited value.

So with this blog, I’ll tell you about myself, my experiences in entering the field of fine visual arts, and even about how I create my art.   I’ll include images, but do look at my primary art site at (don’t you think that’s a cool name?).

I also have to figure out WordPress since this is my first blog ever.

Again, welcome.


Goddess Seeker #1

Goddess Seeker #1