Art and Being Transgendered

15 11 2009

If you read my ‘About Marla’, you will note that I am a transgendered woman. Now transgendered can mean a number of different things, but in my case I use the word broadly, meaning an individual who transcends societies gender rules and barriers. Basically, although I have a male body, I live both as a man and a woman, and cross over between the two.

Lines of DanceThis means that I have interesting conflicts in myself, I access both the masculine and the feminine to be a total person. I merge both the yin and yang.

I believe this is also reflected in my art. We can see this in a number of different ways. For example, my art uses some of the latest innovations in digital technology in the creation process, yet I strive to bring a very personal texture and warmth in the final renditions of my art. This is why I like canvas and why you see brush strokes and other long used physical expressions in the art.

The themes I chose have a strong yin and yang in that I draw both from oriental and occidental sources, and bring them together in a single piece. In a like way, I like to work with both light and dark, and contrast the two.

I believe, both in my life and in my art, by drawing from disparate sources, I can create something greater than either alone.